Future Self, 2012

Aluminium, custom electronics, Metrilus 3D cameras, LEDs, brass rods
1200 x 1500 x 3450 mm

MADE space, Berlin
supported by ABSOLUT Vodka

Fukiko Takase
Alexander Whitley
Rehearsal Director:
Catarina Carvalho
Wayne McGregor
Max Richter

Future Self presents viewers with their full-length body image, three-dimensionally distributed as tiny points of light. Quoting the minimalist tradition, Random International has reduced the resolution of the reflected form significantly, but without impeding its recognition.

A slight delay in the depiction offers an encounter with the self-image that is immediate yet ethereal. Future Self studies human movement: what it reveals about our identity, the relationship we have with our own image and with others.


The installation is extensively explored in a contemporary dance piece choreographed by Wayne McGregor and scored by Max Richter.