Temporary Graffiti | Lightroller, 2005

Rapid prototyped components, cnc-bent steel, LED print head, mechanical tracking system, custom electronics, custom software
Variable size
Performance tools / limited
Temporary Graffiti is comprised of tools akin to those employed by the traditional graffiti artist but with a contemporary twist − you paint with nothing but light. The images and messages created will luminously glow for a short time, before slowly fading away.
The experience evolved from rAndom’s early LightRoller installation, which was originally used on a light-sensitive surface in an environment of controlled ambient lighting. The glowing imagery it created that would gradually disappear after 3 to 5 minutes.
 Launched in late 2005, from a commission by Nokia, Temporary Graffiti toured 30 countries throughout Europe. Current versions are in development that allow a temporary light roller to be used in…well, daylight!