Scenography for FAR, 2010

Corian, copper, LEDs, custom software, computer
Site Specific
Wayne MacGregor | Random Dance

This scenography, created for Wayne McGregor’s production ‘FAR’, encompasses a panel studded with individually controlled illuminated stalks. The geometic arrangemnt of the stalks creates a display that changes continually through moving light and falling shadows. Able to coommunicate image, text or pattern, the movement of light distorts the terrain of the flat surface, blurring dimensional boundries and altering perception.

“FAR, though, sustains and follows through. And for all that it lasts no more than an hour, it feels substantial.

The drama of Random International’s set design – a pinboard of tiny white lights that signals extremes of weather, from blizzard to clear night sky – is an ever-changing marvel.”

-The Independent on Sunday

“There are 10 dancers who, as I say, are gorgeous, as is Random International’s set…”

-Evening Standard

FAR is currently touring internationally.