Aspect (white), 2015

Interactive installation, computer, three projectors
Lichtsicht 5

The shadow of the moving visitor is projected onto the graduation tower. A software program is used to superpose this image with geometric shapes in real time, thanks to an algorithm. This creates a layering of the visitor’s real shadows and geometric patterns; the visitor becomes the projector and can make the geometric patterns become visible or disappear by his movements, whether simply moving, dancing or fooling around. The viewer is confronted with a self-portrait or, rather, a shadow projection of himself, and communicates with it. A constituent part of this self-perception is physical movement by the viewer. The observer only becomes aware that it is an image of himself that he is communicating with when he acts with his body, using gestures and movements. The interaction  embeds the portrayal in the real, physical existence and the presence of the beholder.