Studies In Motion at Lunds Konsthall

27/09/2014 - 16/11/2014
Lunds konsthalle
Thanks to RH Contemporary Art, New York and Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London and Paris.

Lunds konsthall is pleased to be able to introduce Random International to Swedish audiences with the solo exhibition ‘Studies in Motion’. The exhibition comprises three complementary installations that indicate the scope of Random International’s work. The front hall features Future Self (2012), a light installation generating a three-dimensional image of the visitor. You see the shape of your own body being created in the installation as you move through it. In the rear hall the site-specific sound installation What It Isn’t (2014) hovers just above the visitor’s head. It was commissioned for Lunds konsthall and adapted to its architecture. The visitor’s movements influence the sound generated by the vibrating brass cylinders in the many glass vials suspended from the ceiling. On the first floor you may see yourself as a work of art, albeit a very ephemeral one, in the wall-mounted work Self Portrait (2010). Viewers see their portrait emerge on a light-sensitive surface, but it fades away almost immediately. Engagement with viewers through various senses, and not least through movement, is at the core of Random International’s practice. Their work is both playful and explorative, demonstrating how art today may incorporate the latest developments in technology and at the same time merge with other forms of expression, such as architecture, music or dance.